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The beaches

Here at San Teodoro, every tract of coastline, every bay, every wave is a spectacular natural phenomenon.

Here is a list (albeit incomplete) of the beaches that you absolutely must not miss while you are here!

Lu Impostu

For all the XVIII century it's been a local commercial harbor and an important point in the exchange between the north sardinian coast and the rest of italy. Divided from the next beach of Cala Brandinchi by a little wooden promontory, share with Brandinchi the same spectacularly white sand and the uncontaminated Mediterranean vegetation. At some times of the year the near salt lake flood and the only way to get to the beach is pass through it.

How to get there: Take the old SS125 direction Olbia. After few kilometers turn right for Puntaldia.

Cala Brandinchi

Recently deserved the fifth place in the top ten best italian beaches classification edited by Trip Advisor. Better know by tourists as Tahiti, it's one of those place you can't miss if you pass over San Teodoro. The white sand and the high percentage of silicon which  contains give to the water an incredible color and reflection. The beach got all the supplyies such a big parking lot, two bars, a beach chairs and boat renting point.

How to get there: As for Lu Impostu take the SS125 direction Olbia, pass over the cross for Puntaldia and after 2 km turn right for "Capo Coda Cavallo".

La Cinta

The main and the most known San Teodoro beach. 3 km of fine sand without rocks and a very shallow seashore. Loved by the families in the low season becomes incredibly crowded and frequented by young people in July and August. It is also the most supplyied beach in town with 8 bathing establishmet, an huge parking lot, two bars, motor boat rent and touristic info point.

How to get there: it's the closest beach from Resort Terradimare. Go back to Via Sardinia direction Town Center, at the rotatory turn left on Via Gramsci. Go ahead for 1 km.

Punta dell’ Isuledda

Very thin white sand and a shallow seaside with amazing green reflections. Vegetation composed by old junipers and myrtle bushes. and mimosa plants. This beach got all the amenties such a parking lot, two bars and a boat and beach chairs renting point. From Isuledda goint to the south the sea bottom become deeper, turns from sand to rocks and sea weed field making this area a perfect spot for snorkelers and apnea divers.

How to get there: Take the old SP1 from San Teodoro direction Budoni-Ottiolu for 1 km. Turn left at "Miriacheddu" village. Pass through the village, take the paved road on the right for 1 km.